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Cat Portraits

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Portrait Artist Julie Palmer

Julie Palmer (B.A. Hons) is a professional portrait artist based in Chichester, England. She loves to paint animal subjects, and has a special fondness for capturing the beauty of cats.

Julie regularly receives commissions from many places in the world. Recent requests for portraits include countries as far apart as Canada, Australia, USA, Ireland, Hong Kong and the UK!

Working from photos, distance poses no problem. Costumers are invited to send in their favourite photographs to Julie, and this can be done before ordering the cat portrait. The photos of your cat can be emailed, or sent through the post. Originals are always handled with care, and returned when the painting has been completed.



Cat Portrait

Cat Portrait
"Tabatha" (pastels, 2007)

Options and sizes available

There's three size options available - 12" by 10", 16" by 12" and 24" by 18". The size chosen to an extent will depend on the type of portrait being ordered. It's possible to have a cat portrait as a head and shoulders only (as in "Tabatha" above") or as a full body portrait.

Cat portraits can be commissioned with a plain background, or, for an extra cost, with a detailed background. Types of backgrounds might include the cats garden, or perhaps on a chair or it's preferred cushion!

Siamese Cat

Ordering a Cat Portrait

Portraits usually take about three to four weeks from ordering to completion, apart from at Christmas time when it is recommended to order early to avoid disappointment. Works can be commissioned and payed for online, or, if preferred, via the post with cheque. If a customer is not entirely happy with the portrait, Julie offers a 100% money back guarantee. Simply return the work and a full refund will be issued.

How To Find Out More information

To find out current prices of Julie's cat portraits, as well as how to order a portrait, visit Julie's main pet portrait site now. Here you'll find all the information you'll need, with a comprehensive FAQ (frequently asked questions) section, as well as contact information and more examples of Julie's portrait work.

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It's possible to commission Julie to paint a portrait from anywhere in the USA (for example, Phoenix, Arizona).

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