Cat Portraits

Cat Portraits

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Pet portraits for Phoenix and the surrounding area


Julie Palmer (B.A. Hons) is an established portrait artist from Chichester, England. She regularly receives commissions from the U.S.A.

Julie's work has been featured on the long running British T.V series "Emmerdale" and has been established in her business since 1996. She paints portraits of horses, dogs and cats in pastel media using Rowney soft pastels and Stabilo pastel pencils. Julie offers a full 100% refund if the customer is not entirely happy with the end result.



Popular sizes for commissions are 12" by 9" and 16" by 12" (sizes suitable for head and shoulder studies) and 20" by 15" and 24" by 18" (more appropriate for full body portraits). The dimensions of the above featured work of "Barney" are 24" by 18". You will also notice that the dog has been painted on his favourite chair. When commissioning your painting, you may wish to consider a scene or position that you would like your pet depicted in.


Commission a beautiful portrait of your cat, dog or horse in pastels by Julie Palmer

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Pet portraits can be placed online and sent via secure airmail delivery to any city near Phoenix. (For example, Gilbert, Scottsdale, Glendale, Mesa, or Chandler).

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